Collection: Gail Chin

It has been almost 25 years since Gail Chin arrived on the prairies. This experience has greatly enriched her in many ways. She is a photographer, book designer and writer with advanced degrees in art history. Her themes are concerned in the prairie regions.

Chin’s current business is photographing the landscapes and their details that surround her every day. While nature and the land are her primary interests, she makes the occasional foray into street and event photography. The aim of her work is to demonstrate the incredible beauty that surrounds people locally and to document some of the problems that animals and plants suffer so that scientists, environmentalists and others can help them. Not to mention, the changes in geography that affects all during the Anthropocene.

Chin’s business is not just business. She is driven by a passion to make art. During the past two years of isolation it seems that she more clearly can hear, feel and see her environment in nature and the city in a much more sensitized way. And that is reflected in the images that she produces with her camera. With her photographs she often produces books of lyrical texts or expository essays to accompany the visual stimulation. She is not educated as a scientist, but she often collaborates with them to build a stronger world infused with passion for lift on this planet.


Artist Profile