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Our artists work in many different types of mediums, techniques, and styles.

  • All Clay

    Clay is a versatile medium which artists shape into their creations.

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  • Polymer Clay

    Discover colourful clay creations!

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  • Wheel Thrown

    Wheel thrown pieces are made on a potter's wheel to get beautiful uniform shapes.

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  • Hand Built

    Hand building ceramics uses strategies such as pinching, and building with slabs or coils. 

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  • All Glass

    Glasswork began in 2500BCEand has continued on to the present day. 

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  • Fused glass

    Fused glass is the craft of joining together glass at extremely high temperatures.

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  • All Fibre

    Our fibre artist span many different types of fibre art, from weaving, felting, making apparel, yarn making, quilting, and more. 

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  • Felting

    Embrace the soft fibres in the felted art pieces.

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  • Thread Painting

    Similar to quilting and embroidery, thread painting is where the artist uses their sewing machine or stiches by hand to create the lines, shapes and colours on the fabric. 

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  • Quilting

    Quilts can be used to keep warm in bed, but also to brighten up a space!

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  • Leather Work

    Leather work is using material made from the skin of animals, treated by tanning, and creating new works out of the material.

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  • Hand Weaving

    Hand woven fabrics are made on a loom and hand threaded with a shuttle.

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  • All Mixed Media

    Mixed media is art work that is made of variety of medium or materials.

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  • Repurposed and Found

    Found object art is making art out of objects that typically not thought of as art materials and are repurposed to create art.

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  • All Photography

    Photography has followed us from film to the digital age.

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  • Matted

    This collection has prints and photos that are matted with foam-core and mat board for clean display.

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  • Framed

    Framed by the artist for your wall.

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  • All Printmaking

    Artists use special make blocks or plates and transfer them onto paper or fibre to make unique prints.

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  • Screenprinting

    Screen printing, also known as silk screen or serigraph, is where the artist pushes the ink or paint through a fine screen. 

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  • Linocut

    Linocut is a relief printmaking process where the raised areas of the block hold ink. The artist carves out a block of linoleum to create their design.

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  • Etching

    Etching is a intaglio printmaking process where the recessed areas of the plate hold the ink. The ink is carded into the groves which is the image to be printed. 

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  • Shop all sculpture

    Sculpture is 3D art to fill the space around you! 

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  • Metal

    Metal-work has been perfected over centuries and is still practiced to this day in Saskatchewan. 

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  • Soapstone

    Soapstone is a soft stone used to create beautiful shapes.

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  • All Visual Art

    Visual artist is a wide term to encompass all art we can appreciate with our eyes. 

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  • Encaustic

    Encaustic is a painting technique where the colour pigments are mixed with wax. Different from oil painting, the wax needs to be melted and applied hot to the surface.

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  • Art Cards

    Give a special thank you, hello, and well wishes with cards from Saskatchewan artists. 

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  • All Wood

    Woodworking is one of the oldest types of craft and our Saskatchewan woodworkers are keeping the craft alive in the 21st century. 

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  • Basketry

    Basketry is making vessels with bendy wood using techniques such as coiling, plaiting, twining, and wicker.

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Land Acknowledgment

The Saskatchewan Craft Council is located in Treaty 6 territory, the traditional territory of the Nêhiyawak and the Métis nation. As a provincial organization, our programs and services extend to lands of Treaties 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10, which also include traditional territories of Nahkawininiwak (Saulteaux), Nakota (Assiniboine), Dakota, Lakota (Sioux), and Denesuline (Dene/Chipewyan). We gratefully acknowledge our relationship to this land and to each other. We recognize the benefits and responsibilities we have under these treaties and dedicate our efforts to working together in a spirit of collaboration and reconciliation.