Collection: Patrick Bulas

Patrick Bulas is an artist who has lived in Saskatoon for almost 20 years. Born in Edmonton, he has received both his BFA and MFA from the University of Alberta. He has had solo exhibitions in Edmonton and Saskatoon and has participated in group exhibitions in Finland, Vancouver, Hamilton, and Spain. In addition to his studio practice, he is the printmaking studio technician and a sessional instructor at the University of Saskatchewan and a board member of SK Printmakers. He has spent the past several years trying to understand the wonder and beauty of phenomena studied in physics and astronomy through woodcut, etching, and mezzotint. His series of prints, The Cat that Slept on a Tortoise Shell, depicts his cat, Lucy, interacting with a variety of animals and he has collaborated with fellow artist Jordan Schwab on a series of work exploring alternative approaches to printmaking. He’s pretty sure there’s a connection between cats, using gunpowder to print a woodblock, and the mysteries of the universe, but he hasn’t quite found it yet.


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