Collection: Nikki Jacquin

Nikki Jacquin (Sacchetti); a portrait artist for 34 years, enjoyed the role of Guest Artist in Residence at the Cypress Hills Inter-provincial Park in Saskatchewan. This was made possible through the Art in the Park Program of the Sask. Arts Board. There she was inspired to explore the trails. Nikki found hiking to be a contemplative practice that grounded her spiritually. Her resulting paintings are metaphors for labyrinths and pilgrimages. She employs piercing out, rivets, fold forming, dapping and embossing, along with other jeweler’s techniques. Repurposed copper, new copper plate and metallic leaf, allow unpainted passages to reflect the warm light of copper back to the viewer, much as the light does on the trails. Like past explorations with new materials or techniques, this new found information has refreshed Nikki’s approach to portraiture. Guest Curator, Wally Dion gave Nikki’s mixed media artwork, “Bergamot As far As The Eye” the Award for Expressing Canadian Identity Through Landscape Painting. The award was sponsored by The Men Who Paint. This event was part of The Mann Gallery’s 47th Winter Festival. Her art may be viewed at The Lobby Gallery, The Broken Spoke Fine Art Gallery and Dandelion Art and Framing.


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