Collection: Julie-Anne Wallewein

Julie-Anne Wallewein is a gourd artist from Estevan, Saskatchewan. Beginning with a seed packet and ending with a finished piece takes time and patience, but comes with a sense of pride and accomplishment to have completed the whole cycle. Even though she isn’t able to grow all of the gourds she works on, there is a place in her heart for each one. She has worked with gourds for a number of years, and her passion keeps blossoming into the pieces produced today. Her artistry of gourding has been self-taught through trial and error and with an attitude of “Let’s try this.” Nature — leaves in particular — are a big influence in her work.


Julie-Anne grew up on a farm in the Frobisher, Saskatchewan, district. In her years at home, her mom always had a project on the go. Her dad, being the true farmer that he is, has the imagination to create and fix just about anything. She feels truly blessed for the talents she received from both parents. She is a stay-at-home mom who is married to Ken and they have two sons, Riley and Reagan.

Julie-Anne is a member of the Canadian Gourd Society and a juried member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council.


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