Collection: Jenni Haikonen

Jenni Haikonen grew up in Hepburn, SK. After completing her Certificate in Art & Design from the University of Saskatchewan in 2011, she went on to study at the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, BC. Upon completing her Diploma of Fine Arts, she moved to Vancouver to begin her own artistic practice. Jenni works in a variety of medias, but is most interested in watercolour and acrylic painting. In her work, she explores the connection between land, nature, and the emotional & spiritual self.

Her current work reflects the natural and wild landscapes of the prairies and west coast, with a focus on plants that hold healing properties, both physically and emotionally. She is interested in sharing the intricacy of wildcrafted plants that can be used for practical purposes. She holds a fascination with the longtime practices of herbalism and folk medicine and hopes to share the beauty of these findings with others.


Artist Profile