Collection: Elisabeth and Robert Miller, Fractured Glass

Elisabeth Miller has always been fascinated with stained glass and its ability to engender emotion. She is particularly taken with the colours and interplay of the transparent and opaque glass.

Discovering fused glass opened up a whole new world for Miller; she likes the combination of technical skill needed to produce the artistic finished product and the freedom from traditional copper foil or lead lines. One of her goals is to produce beautiful functional pieces, such as bowls and platters, that make people smile. A second goal is experimenting with glass as a canvas, brush, and paint to produce the emotion and feel of a painting using glass as a medium.

Elisabeth Miller Artist Profile


Robert Miller has always liked the way stained glass can be manipulated to form various artistic or functional pieces. He started with stained glass and the copper foil technique and then moved on to explore blown and fused glass. Robert settled on the fused glass process as it allows him to combine techniques and methods to explore endless possibilities and push the boundaries of the glass and imagination.

Robert Miller Artist Profile