Collection: Claude Morin

Recognition and Intentions Conveyed: It is the living spirits of a consciousness that sustain all life-forms within the universe!  Recent theories in cosmology and quantum physics speak to this mystery.  Via a ritualized approach to art, I seek to connect with this living aspect of existence.  In the artist’s way, I believe it is necessary to harmonize one’s state of mind with the synchronicity of events; to discover interconnectedness.  Listening becomes an essential quality.

First Nations and Japanese worldview’s, acknowledge this underlying reality of consciousness, which has greatly influenced my art.  Mostly, I explore the transformation of Nature’s organic forms as they reveal change and Spirit. Insights awaken a self transcendence to the emergence of the true essence of reality.

I manipulate clay without aggression or the desire to impose the ego. I surrender to the process, observe the changes and embody the expressions of the clay.  Finally, I abandon my inspired creations to the energetic forces of fire and air.

– Claude Morin


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