Talking Craft with Lorraine Roy
Ontario artist, Lorraine Roy, discusses her touring exhibition Woven Woods: A journey through the Forest Floor. This exhibition features a collection of colourful round fabric wall hangings. Each textile work depicts forest trees connected by their roots. In varying ways, each describes how tree communication is a fundamental part of a thriving ecosystem, where all individual elements contribute to support the whole.


Talking Craft with Kathleen O’Grady

Kathleen O’Grady is a designer of slow fashion and textiles. Kathleen will discuss the inspiration and process for her current piece, entitled “Perseverance,” in the SCC exhibition “From Scratch,” as well as an introduction into Slow Fashion.

Talking Craft with Paula Cooley and Paige Mortensen

As part of our Talking Craft series, Paula Cooley and Paige Mortensen discussed their collaborative piece, "Solari." Paula and Paige discussed the process of creative collaboration.