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Treesa Marie Gagne began making crafts at a young age. Sewing and spool knitting fascinated her as a child; she developed an appreciation for process. Fibre classes at the Ontario College of Art increased her skills. Her passionate, empirical exploration of eco-dying was sparked at the Emma International Artists Collaboration in 2012.

An avid gardener, Treesa gathers flowers, berries, and leaves to print on, and dye, natural fibres, including silk, wool, linen and cotton. Plant-based dyes are used to tie-dye t-shirts and other garments. These are ideal for babies and those with sensitive skin.

Treesa also makes well-crafted, aesthetically pleasing pottery that brings pleasure to daily life and for special occasions. Fascinated by the endless variety of surface treatments, she incorporates them in her architectural, decorative and functional ceramics.


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