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Karen Boldt is the founder, designer, and creator of Something from Nothing Mittens. She lives in rural Saskatchewan, so understands cold weather and the need to keep fingers toasty warm! All of her mittens are recycled from thrifted wool sweaters (purchased in not-for-profit thrift stores) that have been felted, which results in them being super warm. They are also fully lined with new 100% cotton flannel, thus resulting in hands that don’t get itchy. She and her assistant Joy hand make each and every pair in six different sizes, from toddler to large and even a few on a string for baby! She has been making and selling mittens in the Saskatoon area for 10 years now, having made thousands of pairs, each different and unique. Many of her customers are repeat buyers and assure her that these mittens are the warmest they’ve ever had! Karen loves that old sweaters can take on new life in this way and also loves hearing her customers’ stories of how her mittens are keeping hands warms and cozy across the prairies. 


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